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Flights of Fantsy
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Prompt do... in 2 weeks? I guess.

A day at the beach. However you wanna do it (any genre is okay), and however long you wanna make it.
It said to make a bible, something small you can take, the author said a binder or something like that so you can take it along with you. So I started one for my sci-fi book. At work we have these plain covered journals where the top of so many pages are color coded. Each color i made a chapter. 1 basic, 2 character, 3 places, ships, ect, 4 glossary of words i know i'll forget that i made up, 5 how i'm doing, and then 6 which is my revise notes so when i go back and revise and i can put down questions and answers for myself. i really like how this is, cause i can work on it and ideas and stuff anywhere cause it fits right into my bag.
10th-Apr-2006 06:25 pm - The List
10th-Apr-2006 06:23 pm - He Got Legs
10th-Apr-2006 06:19 pm - Mad Innocence
Note: Don't read this if your easily offended by religous matter.

9th-Apr-2006 08:48 pm - still working on this
should be up and running by monday night.
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